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Microsoft Access

In a world where running a business or caring for data at work is really important to the success of your organisation. Databases have become very important in managing and accessing data. With Access you can build the database you need. From learning how to create and link tables, access specific information via queries, and Reports and creating user friendly interfaces for those not so adept at Databases. This training will help you to build a powerful and reliable database for your requirements.

Microsoft Excel

Using Excel can be frustrating for some, and amazing for others. With trying to understand Ranges, Cells and References sometimes leaves you feeling a little deranged yourself. Our students have been amazed at the power in Excel. Some even commenting that skills they learnt literally saved them hours of work. From Basic Data Entry up to Advanced Formulas, Charts and other tools. Our coaching and training helps you grow in your knowledge and skills of this awesome tool.

Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint