• In this course you will learn how to create and work with various designs and layouts such as Workflow Diagrams, Organisational Charts, Floorplans etc… Visio is designed to help you create powerful drawings for personal or business needs.

    Work With The Basic Features Of Visio
    Open, Create And Work With Stencils
    Work With Shapes • Format Shapes
    Join Shapes Using Connectors
    Create And Modify Containers
    Work With Text
    Create And Work With Pages In A Drawing
    Work With Page Tools
    Apply, Modify And Work With Themes
    Add And Work With Comments And Understand Co-Authoring
    Print, Email And Export Drawings
    Create Simple Organisational Charts
    Work With Organisation Chart Data
    Create And Modify Calendars
    Create And Work With Gantt Charts
    Create And Work With Cross Functional Flowchart