Microsoft Project

  • On Day 1 participants will learn to create and manage a project using MS Project. This tool is helpful in creating tasks and using resources. The course will begin with a brief introduction Project Management principles, then go into setting up a project, adding tasks and resources. Setting a baseline and tracking tasks, monitoring progress, costs and budgets so that the project can be completed successfully, under budget if possible and on time.

    Overview of Project Interface
    Understanding the Project Interface
    Using the Ribbon & QAT
    Understanding the Backstage View
    The Project Work Area
    Working With Project Views
    Getting Help

    Project Management Basics
    Intro Project Management
    Tasks and Resources
    The Importance of Planning
    Understanding the Gantt Chart

    Setup a Project
    Steps in Creating a Project
    Creating a New Project File
    Calendar Options
    Changing Calendar Options
    Modifying the Standard Calendar
    Entering Public Holidays
    Creating a New Resource Calendar
    Creating a New Task Calendar
    Setting Up Project Information

    Entering and Editing Tasks
    Create a Summary Task
    Entering Tasks
    Task Durtaions
    Task Start and Finish Dates
    Milestone Tasks
    Linking Tasks

    Task Relationships
    Task Constraints
    Understanding Task Dependencies
    Creating Dependencies Automatically
    Creating Dependencies in Task Entry
    Creating Dependencies in Task Information
    Adjusting in Gantt Chart

    Creating and Assigning Resources
    Understanding Resources
    Entering Work Resources
    Entering Material Resources
    Entering Cost Resources
    Assigning Calendars to Resources
    Assigning Resources to Tasks
    Overallocating Resources
    Other Resource Issues
    Effort Driven Scheduling
    Working With Effort Driven Tasks
    Resource Assignment Summary

    Create a Baseline
    Purpose of a Baseline
    Viewing Baseline in Gantt Chart
    Current tasks against Baseline
    Viewing Current verse Baseline Costs
    Create an Interim Plan
    Viewing Task Slippage

    Updating Tasks
    Auto Scheduling Tasks
    Understanding Critical Path and Project Slack
    Viewing the Critical Path
    Examining Task Slack
    Why we need Lag and Lead Time
    Adjusting Lag and Lead Time

    Resource Levelling
    Understanding Resource Levelling
    Creating Resource Problems
    Tracking Down Over Allocations
    Checking Resource Usage
    Creating an Over Allocation Report
    Changing Work Effort
    Understanding Overtime
    Assigning Overtime
    Hiring Contract Labour
    Switching Work Assignments
    Rescheduling Tasks
    Working with Resource Pools

    Printing and Export
    Printing a Gantt Chart
    Printing Sheet Views
    Printing Tasks for Resources
    Printing Resources for Tasks
    Export to Excel

  • Day 2 of this course will help students to view project data and use additional management tools to save time and resources. The day will cover formatting of project, reporting of tasks, costs, and resources. the participants will also learn about creating master and sub projects for team collaboration. At the end of the 2 days participants will no doubt gain valuable skills that can be applied in the workplace.

    Controlling Project Data
    Understanding the Data Tools
    Basic Data Highlighting
    Highlighting Date Ranges
    Highlighting a Range of Tasks
    Highlighting Tasks With Specific Resources
    More Highlight Filters
    Applying Filters
    Creating a Custom Filter
    Using a Custom Filter
    Editing Existing Filters
    Deleting an Unwanted Filter
    Grouping Tasks
    Using AutoFilters

    Formatting Projects
    Understanding the Timescale
    Changing Time Periods
    Showing Tiers
    Modifying Specific Tiers
    Formatting for NonWorking Time
    Changing Text Styles
    Working With Gridlines
    Displaying Progress Lines
    Working With Progress Lines
    Changing the Layout
    Understanding Gantt Chart Bars
    Changing Gantt Chart Styles
    Changing Bar Text
    Formatting Selected Bars
    Changing Bar Styles

    Working with Project Costs
    Reviewing Current & Baseline Costs
    Entering Variable Costs
    Case Study Variable Costs
    Assigning Daily Costs
    Assigning Per Usage Costs
    Assigning Fixed Costs
    Assigning Material Costs
    Using Another Cost Table
    Applying a Different Cost Table
    Changing Rates During a Project
    Assigning Cost Resources

    Project Views
    Understanding Project Views
    Working With the Standard Views
    Creating Split Views
    Creating a Custom View
    Creating a Custom Combination View
    Using Custom Views
    Customising the View Menus
    Saving an Existing View
    Deleting Unwanted Views
    Keeping New Views Local
    Working With Multiple Files
    Hiding Open Files

    Exploring Tables
    Creating a New Table
    Adding Fields Using Add New Column
    Adding Fields Using
    Insert Column
    Adding Simple Custom Fields
    Formatting Table Fields
    Creating a Simple Lookup Table
    Using a Custom Table
    Using a Hyperlink Field

    Custom Views
    Preparing for the Custom View
    Creating a Custom Filter for the View
    Creating a Custom Group for the View
    Creating a Custom
    Table for the View
    Creating the Custom View
    Removing a Custom View and Its Components

    Custom Fields
    Understanding Custom Fields
    Creating Custom Fields
    Inserting Custom Fields
    Creating a Formula in a Custom Field
    Modifying a Formula
    Testing a Formula
    Understanding Graphical Indicator Custom Fields
    Creating Graphical Indicator Custom Fields
    Creating a Lookup Custom Field
    Creating an Outline Code Mask
    Entering Lookup Table Values
    Using a Lookup Table

    Graphical Reports
    Understanding Graphical Reports
    How Graphical Reports Work
    Running a Report
    Formatting Chart Objects
    Manipulating Report Data
    Filtering Report Data
    Cloning an Existing Report
    Creating a New Report
    Enhancing Report Appearance
    Making Reports Global
    Removing Unwanted Reports

    Master Projects
    Understanding Linked Projects
    Combining Projects
    Viewing a Combined Project
    Understanding Project Downsizing
    Creating the Resource File
    Creating Smaller Projects
    Linking Subprojects to Resources
    Preparing for the Master Project
    Creating the Downsized Master File
    Setting Project Links
    Finalising the Master